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Unique brides

See the story of custom-made dresses.


Interview with the bride

At the first consultation, we will discuss the details of your wedding so that I can get to know you better and get to know your style together. As is the case with women's debates, we will cover absolutely everything. The place of the wedding, the season, the style of decoration or the idea of a hairstyle, but also what you like to wear in your free time, or how your wedding cake will taste. You tell me what the wedding dress of your dreams looks like in your imagination, and then we start creating it together. Let's start easy. We look at cuts, materials, laces, tulles or chiffons and choose the right shade of white. And finally, we will record our first meeting on paper in the form of your measurements.


Creative process

That you don't have a specific idea about your dress? Never mind! After our meeting, it's my turn. I will create 1 to 3 designs for you, incorporating your wedding idea, selected materials, and I will also prepare a price offer. After approval of the offer and selection of the final sketch, I will issue an advance invoice in the amount of half of the total price of the dress, order the material and prepare your unique dress for the first trial.


Trying on a dress

For the first test, I will prepare a model from the test material. On it, we will check the cut, indicate adjustments, decide on the shape and depth of the neckline, the length of the sleeves or the skirt. When everything is tip-top, I cut out the model from the material we have chosen for the dress. If you will be traveling for the exam from a greater distance, I will be happy to arrange the exam on Saturday or another free day. And in such a case, I can even schedule two exams for you in one day. The first right after the first morning coffee, or immediately after your arrival. And the second after the next coffee, which you will already enjoy in one of the nearby cafes. While I'm working on the edits, you can check out my picks for the best cupcake spots downtown. It's just across the road from my studio to them.


Your unique dress

The final test with the delivery of the finished wedding dress will take place one to two weeks before the wedding. So that everything fits perfectly even if you still lose a few kilos from the stress of the wedding. And when everything is already perfectly tuned? I will wrap the dress for you and it is yours.

Become one of the Unique brides.

To make choosing a dress a pleasant experience

Please set aside 60-90 minutes for the consultation and exam. The consultation is not charged, as it is part of the final amount for the dress. If you do not choose your dress in my studio, the fee for the created designs is 50 Eur.

The production of your model takes four to six months. But if you are looking for a dress at the last minute, we can also sew with a “hot needle”. However, it should be borne in mind that even a hot needle needs at least two months before the dress is ready.

How much do “unique brides” dresses cost? I will prepare an exact price offer for you after the consultation, when I know more about your idea. I can tell you in advance that custom-made dresses cost from 950 Euros for plain dresses and from 1100 Euros for lace dresses.

Why do “unique brides” dresses cost more than dresses from the wedding atelier collection, when we also tailor them? Each “unique brides” dress requires a special process – from the design itself, to the cut, the search for material, to the tests. They are also made in one single piece, therefore they will make you a “unique bride”.

You can also schedule the exam on a Saturday or a non-working day. However, please keep in mind that there are fewer Saturdays and holidays in the calendar than normal working days. Due to capacity reasons, it is therefore not possible to schedule all exams on these days. If you have an agreed consultation or exam date and need to move it, please let us know at least 24 hours before the scheduled exam. Together we will certainly find the nearest suitable date.

Do you need to hear advice from your bridesmaids, mom or friends? Take them with you! However, let us know in advance and we will be happy to prepare a small snack for you so that you have an unforgettable experience from trying on dresses.

COVID-19 measures – due to the current situation, it is possible to come to the exam with a maximum of one person. During the entire examination or consultation, we ask you to observe hygiene measures – hand hygiene, cover the upper respiratory tract with a respirator.

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