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“La alegría”

Wedding collection 2020.

La Alegría

Wedding collection 2020

The wedding collection for 2020 is inspired by the Spanish national dance. Flamenco, as a metaphor for love and passion, made the models dance with frills, dots, tassels or embroidery. Feminine silhouettes, original laces, emphasis placed on sleeves and details - such as exposed shoulders, ribbons, or color accents - subtly emphasize femininity. Models made of lace, light chiffon, or tulle with dots will also be appreciated by brides even after midnight. Because La Alegría is spontaneous, romantic and playful. Just like walking through hot Seville. And in its essence, it is so authentic that if you close your eyes for a moment, in an instant you will be standing in front of the altar in the chapel under the Andalusian sun.


Models from the collection

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