Svadobné kolekcie pre nevesty, ktoré hľadajú šaty ľahké ako pierko.

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Wedding collection 2022


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The mystical, gentle, and seductive Sirene inspires the 2022 wedding collection. With a mermaid's delicate charm, Siren magnetises with bold baroque lustre. She is both a mermaid and a precious Peregrina. Emerging from the waves, Sirene treads on mother-of-pearl sand. She is a captivating mermaid embodied in the cascades of fine tulle and draperies made of light chiffon. However, she is also a frolicsome baroque lady in playful laces and elaborate corsets decorated with the cascades of pearls. Adorned with admiration, she sings temptingly about the sea. But on the shore of her world, she is devotedly waiting for her love. It is true, pure, and eternal like a pearl that she hides in her deep-blue depths.


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