Svadobné kolekcie pre nevesty, ktoré hľadajú šaty ľahké ako pierko.

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Wedding atelier

Bridal collections for brides who are looking for a dress as light as a feather.


Designed for you

Veronika Kostkova wedding atelier creates wedding dresses for brides looking for exceptional beauty. Each collection has its own signature and is full of stories. Tell the story of your love with my unforgettable dress.


Dresses inspired by women

Each dress bears a woman's name. They are the names of the heroines of my stories, which I use as inspiration for my collections. I design individual dress models in such a way that they make their wearers into fragile fairies or brave goddesses. I do not design models that are impractical and large. I suggest models as light as a feather, in which you can easily walk to the altar, and in which you can dance the night away.

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